Monday, November 26, 2012

Dreams, the sixth knowledge.

To my son, Lourenço.

Dreams are made of a strange substance, which touches and unites several worlds: we dream when we sleep and dream when we are awake.
To the first kind of dreams, the dreams of our sleep we ascribe healing powers and premonitory capabilities. They are a door through which fears and demons are cast out, and through which we envision the future. Who knew that when we sleep we push out what disturbs us, and we see scattered pieces of tomorrow?
To the latter kind of dreams, the dreams of our waking days, we attribute the ability to invent the future. They form a kind of individual hope, a force that keeps our eyes locked onto the horizon. Who knew those whispers that insist on showing us tenuous futures, are possible paths?
Movie Tekkonkinkreet, manga de Taiyo Matsumoto
Dreams are like the clouds: moving quickly in the sky – night and day, traveling to and from, and occasionally they rain upon us and shower us with brilliant ideas and slow premonitions.
Sometimes their whispers can be confused with intuition, but they are of a totally different nature! They have a lighter density, and their geography is broader and flatter.
Intuition is the sixth sense, and dreams are the sixth knowledge!

Dreams live outside of us and inside of us. They are a kind of jam that blends itself with our bones, our blood, and wanders through our body as a curious visitor.

They are often swallowed by the noise of everyday life – our dreams and the world’s dreams – and we barely notice their existence. But they are still there, dormant, pressed into our neuroses. And they resist our neglect for a long time, until one day they melt like snowflakes and disappear.
And after they are gone, they leave a void behind, an absence of hope, a sense of sad complacency that quenches the horizon. Then we realize that the dreams are gone, because the nights become darker and the days become gloomier! 

Everything got inexplicably darker.
Dreams go away, but they come back, they resist, they persist, they persevere...
It takes very little to feed them: colorful words, kind gestures, children, balloons, cats flying, the sea, chocolate cakes, art, sugar almonds, the beach, the color green – dreams seem to like green, but on certain days they prefer yellow, blue, red...

They have an invisible connection to the future that seem to make them grow: tomorrows, spaces, astronauts, hopes, the era of the Aquarius!
Dreams live in the phrase “when I grow up...”, “when I get…”! They live in laughter and affection! They live in each one of us, and in the ingenuity to think about tomorrow - to believe in tomorrow.
Dreams are the gaseous matter that wanders through the galaxies, and they remind us that we are the future, and that our future lies in the talent we have to believe in bright and impossible futures - in futures of overmatch.
Dreams are the prelude to faith. They dissolve in our body like sugar dissolves in milk, and they sweeten us!

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  1. It is clearly explained the meaning of dreams...It is such a beautiful moment when you are dreaming. Sometimes following your dream needs effort to acquire it,but it isn't impossible if you want to....