Monday, October 29, 2012

The angels we envy, the wings we desire...

There something about wings that seduces us...
We admire the beauty of the birds and their ability to reach heights that disturb us. The wisdom of soaring in the wind, and reach other destinations, forbidden to us. Sometimes we desire their wings. But we do not envy them with the same force, the same intensity, the same deep desire with which we envy the angels.
Angels belong to a category of beings inhabiting a fantasy world that stirs our imagination - angels, fairies, winged horses...
And among all the winged beings, those who we really envy are the angels, with their impossible flights. Not sexless angels who guard our childhood, but the disturbed angels full of contradictions and desires, the angels who must struggle constantly to maintain the purity and rise above the human temptations that seem to persist within them.
We envy those angels who can balance themselves between the human and the divine. The violent angels who punish us with their perfect hands. The loving angels who love us with their sculptural bodies. The vigilant angels who watch us with their wide wings.
We envy those angels because we - humans - are all fallen angels, expelled from a lost and promised paradise, a paradise that nowadays blends with the sky. And what hurts us is the memory of the wings we have lost. And the desire to fly still persists in us, and we are left with the memory of flight in our earthly inability to fly.
Man's struggle is a struggle for height – for the sky. It's a struggle for his interior height, because the sky represents the best, the purest, the happiest, the most serene. Man struggles to rise, to fly!
We are the ones who build heaven and hell - in this life, every day! And the impossible wings of angels are our metaphor. They bring us closer to the sky when they grow white and bright, or closer to hell when they scorch themselves and burn in a precipitous drop - like the legend of Icarus.
And we come closer to the angels when we conquer our demons, whenever we become better people - in this or that small gesture. We are able to fly whenever we choose to keep our dreams alive. And we fly, we really fly, when we fall in love – our feet barely touch the ground and the mind becomes blurred with the essence of clouds. And this is the most real memory we have of our angelic wings!

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