Monday, November 19, 2012

The price of age is to be happier, but it takes courage!

Being mature should always mean that one is happier! No one reaches forty, and then fifty – and enter through the years without choosing to be happier. And being happy is a conscious choice, shaped by the small everyday decisions. Being happy is a cumulative process, it is like building a ladder every day we add a step.
Age gives us wisdom to appreciate what good we have, that around which happiness thrives. And what is that?
- The greatest love that rescues us from a meaningless life, of frantic gestures, of dark thoughts and of everyday madness. Love is the seed, the core of happiness.
- The affections, which are the tribes that we have chosen. Living with people you care about is the second conscious step to happiness. We exclude all others; all others we cast out from our circle of the chosen ones, and even from our Facebook.
- Forgiveness, which is the equivalent of “cleaning” the heart. We clean our house so many times, with such manic energy, and we forget to clean our heart! And the heart is the vital organ of happiness.
- Hope, which is the bright thread that unites present and future. It works like a kind of Ariadne's thread that lets us discover the right path, even when everything is black around us.

Age also lets us know what we do not want, and gives us the courage to delete it from our lives! Churchill said that courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.” I do not know if the courage is learned I have rarely heard of “learning to be brave”', but I’ve always heard ofbeing brave”.
Being is an intrinsic quality, which is part of the character to be brave, to be honest, to be anything ... So to be brave seems to be an inborn trait that pushes us forward even when we are terrified.

In order to be happy we must be brave! This is the basic requirement for happiness! It takes courage to take risks, to choose, to overcome, to move forward, to say no and to say yes ... It takes courage!

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