Monday, July 14, 2014

The lack of education

We like to believe that we humans are all equal. It’s not true. Educated people are superior beings – they are more civilized and are at an evolutionary level above the average of the general population.
It is very difficult - and painful - to deal with people without education. Although education has several levels, from the most superficial (with respect to the basic, everyday rules) to the deepest level (connected to the aesthetics and the care for others - a kind of label of the soul), it is the absence of the basic things that becomes more annoying and prevents interaction. People are not expected to know everything about etiquette, but they are expected to be able to function with the simplest rules, and also the most essential rules of society.
Education divides the world between those who are and those who are not educated. And in this sense, there is no such thing as being "being half polite" because that already means that you are not polite.
What most impacts our everyday life are very simple gestures, in fact, they define who the person is - as if it were a photograph. Here are some examples...
Language: The least that is expected of someone is that they have mastered their language - to speak and write it correctly. Language is the main tool for communication and it is in constant evolution, but that does not mean it should be distorted and destroyed. "Evolution" means the development, growth, perfecting and not destruction. When people justify the misuse of language, by saying that it is evolving, is to feed ignorance. It is to reverse the values; leveling everything to its lowest ant it’s worst: instead of people striving to learn their own language, they are destroying it, to adapt it to their ignorance.
One more comment: it is shameful - and depressing - to see how people write on social networks. Misspelling has no justification: there are hundreds of online dictionaries, accessible with a click. This is not just lack of education: it is the most pure and utter ignorance.
Vocabulary: "please", "excuse me", "sorry" and "thank you" are fundamental expressions for any relationship between people. It doesn’t matter how much intimacy you have with someone, the words are necessary in any situation. They are the foundations of civilization, and it is no coincidence that they are the first expressions that children learn when they begin to relate to others.

Fouling public spaces: Littering (and spitting) in the streets, parks or beaches is a real horror! The same goes for dogs: take the animal for a walk and leave the dirt scattered on the ground is not just the absence of principles, it also shows that the person is disgusting and gross.
The state of public spaces reflects the evolutionary stage of the people: civilized people live in clean places, not only because public services are effective, but mostly because no one throws trash on the streets - not a paper or even the cigarette butt .
Queue-jumping: Queues are to respect because they have the sole purpose of preventing disorder and confusion. This also applies to queues on the roads, which means that those drivers who go by the roadside are a bunch of uneducated morons with no respect for others.
In the queues, it is essential to give way to the elderly, pregnant women and children - that rule also applies to public transport. This also applies to those who pretend to be asleep in order not to give their place – it’s an ugly gesture, and it makes their lack of character clear.
Giving feedback: When someone is contacted (no matter how trivial the subject) or invited to an event, you must respond. It's a basic issue of communication called "reciprocity." Communication is like almost everything else: it works in two ways.
Both socially and professionally, when you don't return phone calls or emails, it is an unfortunate habit that always reveals a lack of education and, in the second case also shows, lack of professionalism.
Being polite is, first of all, respecting the other - in every way. But each one of us gives only what we have and that is what reveals our true nature.

Educated people are indeed superior people!

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